Rambled Out!

So after a long and hard decision I have decided to stop blogging for the moment.

I have enjoyed my time on the web but at the moment I just fallen out of love with it and to be honest it is spoiling my love of reading.  It is also a constant nag in the back of my mind and at this minute in time I have just can't dedicate enough time to it.

I have enjoyed speaking with so many great bloggers all over the world, you are a brilliant bunch and a credit to the world of book blogging!

I just want to fall back in love with reading again, blogging was kinda feeling like a chore and it shouldn't, it should be fun.

I have some reviews to finish up which I will post to GoodReads and I will still have my Twitter and Instagram accounts.  

A big thanks as well to all the publishers I have worked with too, a really nice bunch of people!

The blog will stay in situ, I'm not deleting as I have over 1000 posts and you know what never say never!

A special thanks to Greg at Greg's Book Haven who was my best and most loyal commenter!

Enjoy reading guys!



  1. Hopefully you can get back into your reading. I do feel my blog taking some reading time away from me these days and I totally get where you are coming from. Enjoy your books!

  2. Aw we'll miss ya. I always enjoyed your stuff. :) But yeah blogging takes forever and sometimes you just wanna read!! Take care and don't be a stranger! :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear you're stopping blogging - at least for now! ;) You never know. Blogging can take a lot of time sometimes, but hopefully you'll enjoy reading more!


  4. I am so sorry to hear that. After my hiatus you were one of the blogs I was most looking forward to reconnecting with. I hope whatever you do, you end up happy. Take care of yourself and happy reading!

  5. Thanks so much for letting people know. There have been so many occasions where our favorite blogs disappear with no explanation or reason. I hope you to read and relax much more, and have a great weekend! Happy It's Fall Day! Hugs...

  6. Aww..., Heather! I am having a problem lately, too. I am going to try and hang on with two posts a week, but my blog hits are about one quarter what they were last year and, like you, I am just not motivated. The struggle is real! I will see you on Twitter and Goodreads. IG is a no go at the moment because Kindle still doesn't have a proper app. Make sure you let me know what you are reading on Twitter because I love the SciFi you find. (((((HUGS)))))


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