Review - Steeple by John Allison, Sarah Stern and Jim Campbell

Title: Steeple

Author: John Allison, Sarah Stern and Jim Campbell

Publisher: Dark Horse

Release Date: 9th June 2020

Source: Own Copy

A supernatural tale of friendship, the devil, and moral gray areas. Two women with wildly different worldviews become unlikely friends as they navigate the supernatural happenings in a sleepy coastal parish - and soon find themselves forced to choose sides in the war between good and evil, facing demons, curses, and a miniature Rapture.

Collects issues #1-#5 of Dark Horse Comics series Steeple

It’s been a while since I have reviewed a book, I think I can just about remember how to do it 😀

I am a huge fan of John Allison’s work, especially Giant Days and Bad Machinery, so it was a given to order this when it popped up on Amazon.  

I tried to describe what happens in it to a friend the other day and my description was;

“Graphic novel set in south coast where a parish is beset 
with supernatural creatures from the sea, young curate comes to 
the parish to join the monster hunting vicar 
then makes friends with the church of Satan.

I think I described it not too badly!  Of course there is a little bit more to it than that - the Vicar is a rugged “hero” constantly at war with creatures from the deep, his parish needs help and that help comes in the form of Billie, a young seemingly naive curate.  The first person she meets in the town is Maggie and it just so happens she is an occasionally enthusiastic disciple of the local Satan worshippers.  Opposites attract and the pair become great mates.

Steeple follows life in this small town as they go up against wind farm developers, a witch festival and a possible rapture.  It’s a cosy yet dark read and like all of Allison’s previous work the characters are very relatable, ok so I don’t know any Satan worshippers (that I know off) but I do know beardy guys who live in the pub and people who are wonderfully innocent.  

Steeple is a colourful look at rural life and a warning to not take those sleepy villages for granted as you never know what is going on behind those net curtains. 

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

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