Domain of the Nameless God - A Descent into Madness

I’m a huge fan of the podcast team Fool and Scholar Productions, if you are looking for something to listen to that will seriously creep you out then I’d recommend their White Vault podcast, its chilling (literally).  They also have another podcast called Dark Dice which is set within a world of Dungeons and Dragons!

Travis Vengroff of Fool and Scholar has created a new campaign for Dungeons and Dragons (5E) - the beautifully illustrated Domain of the Nameless God - A Descent into Madness and it is available now to buy.

Domain of the Nameless God

Domain of the Nameless God is a horror-themed adventure campaign created for Dungeons and Dragons (5e). Can you rescue the missing children of Ilmater's Hope, or will you lose your sanity in the domain of the Nameless God?

This is an adventure designed to wear down heroes over time. Instead of the monsters getting more difficult, the heroes will get weaker as they succumb to exhaustion, insanity, and betrayal. They will need to conserve their resources if they are to survive the journey and keep an unspeakable eldritch evil at bay.


An Adventure of Terror for 3rd-4th level characters
Quality Artwork throughout the book
Over 70 Pages of Adventure
New rules for Sanity
New Magic Items and Hideous Monsters
A 10+ hour adventure that can fit into your campaign


  1. This sounds like a pretty good adventure. I've been playing some 5E lately...

  2. Woow, this sounds like a lot of fun too! Thanks for sharing! :o

  3. Every time I hear about DnD I'm sad that I've never gotten to play because it sounds so fun! And this sounds interesting like it's maybe kinda different with the heroes getting weaker.

    1. It does sound great fun, I know so many kids in this area have taken it up, there are loads of clubs devoted to it.


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