I've been watching....#10 - Fire Saga, The Story of Eurovision

In all honesty I had avoided watching this film but yesterday curiosity got the better of me and I caved in.  Oh my god, what a treat for the senses!

So just in case its not obvious this film does take the piss a little bit, basically two Icelandic misfits (Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams) end up representing the country of Iceland during the Eurovision Song Contest, along the way they meet strong opposition, exploding boats, elves, American tourists, crafty bankers, parental disapproval and very camp fellow contestants.  

To win is a great honour as a resident of the UK, it doesn’t happen to us very often but as they contest on screen is staged in Scotland that means we must have won, woo!  

The real money maker is that the winner gets to host the contest the following year - remember that when you are watching!

It’s daft and its nice, its not hysterically funny but I couldn’t stop watching even when I was cringing at the Euro contestants singalong.  The contest itself varies between singer songwriter and all out flamboyance, I think Fire Saga covers it all.  The outfits themselves deserve an award especially an all in one white outfit that Will Ferrell stuffs himself in to.  

There is a good supporting cast will Pierce Brosnan as the disapproving dad,  Mikael Persbrandt (I know him as Gillian Andersons fancy piece in Sex Education) as an evil banker and Dan Stevens as the macho Russian entry.  Iceland looks gorgeous too!

It is a great pick me up type of film and it has some catchy songs too - especially the ding dong song! Give it a try!  

Have you watched it? Let me know what you think


  1. This sounds like a fun movie I'll have to watch. I hadn't heard about it before to be honest.


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