I’ve Been Watching....#11 - What We Do In The Shadows

First of all the main reason I started watching this is because I love Matt Berry who plays Laszlo, his voice is very unique and can be heard all over the UK advertising Absolute Radio and Money Supermarket.  I loved him in Toast of London and The IT Crowd, the man is a legend.

So when I heard he was going to be in a show about vampires I had to watch it.  Now Staten Island, I may be wrong, does not strike me as a hotbed of paranormal activity but the series revolves around three hapless vamps who have made it their home.

We have Nandor the Relentless, a vampire who was alive during the Ottaman empire and was fond of pillaging and burning places to the ground.  We also have Nadia, a Romani vampire with a poor upbringing and the best accent ever, she is responsible for turning Laszlo, an English gent with a super inflated ego and a dab hand with very rude topiaries.

They are joined by Guillermo, Nandor’s human familiar who spends his days digging graves and looking for virgins.  He longs to be a vampire but Nandor keeps putting it off.   Finishing the household is Colin Robertson, he is an energy vampire, the most boring man alive and lover of office work.   

It is filmed as a documentary and quite often the camera crew fall prey to vampires that they come across.  The banter between our three vamps is brilliant, they bicker away and bitch behind each other’s backs.  They also love to bitch about other vampires and this leads to some great cameos.

So far I have seen Mark Hamill, Tilda Swindon, Wesley Snipes, Craig Robinson, Beanie Feldstein and Nick Kroll to name a few.  The series is based on the excellent New Zealand film of the same name which was written by and starred Taika Waititi (Thor Ragnarok) and Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords).  

With plots ranging from werewolves peeing on topiaries, conniving vamp Simon the Devious wanting a hideous hat from Laszlo to my favourite one so far, when Laszlo decides to run away and becomes a bar tender with of love for women’s netball.

Each week it makes me cry with laughter, its not for the easily offended but if you have a wicked sense of humour like me, then you’ll love it.


  1. My husband and I tend to stream most shows on Netflix, but we love this one so much we made the effort to watch it live as it aired. I'm pretty easily amused but it's rare to get deep belly laughs out of my husband. This show manages it almost every week! We love everyone but Laszlo and Colin are probably are favorites. The cast is phenomenal!

    1. It’s great isn’t it and incredibly naughty! We love it in my house!


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