Review - Nisekoi False Love Vol 1 by Naoshi Komi

Title: Nisekoi False Love Volume 1

Author: Naoshi Komi

Publisher: Viz Media

Release Date: 26th November 2012

Source: Own Copy

It’s hate at first sight—or rather a knee to the head at first sight —when Raku Ichijo meets Chitoge Kirisaki! Unfortunately, Raku’s gangster father arranges a false love match between Raku and their rival gang leader’s daughter, who just so happens to be Chitoge! Raku’s searching for his childhood sweetheart from ten years ago, however, with a pendant around his neck as a memento...but he can't even remember the girl’s name or face!

This was such a cute read, Raku Ichijo is the son of a Yakuza boss, he carries round his neck a token from a girl he met ten years ago, a love token yet he cant remember her name or face.

Ever since he has been on the look out for this girl, the token the carries is in the the shape of a lock and the girl she has the key.  He daydreams about meeting her but its like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Despite being surrounded by gangsters his life is pretty easy until the day he meets Chitoge Kirisaki, a new pupil at school and all round pain in his backside.  He tries his best to avoid her but when his dad announces that to avoid war with a rival gang he will need to be matched with the rival gang leaders daughter, his life goes to pot.

The daughter is none other than Chitoge and she can’t stand him, of course the feeling is very much mutual.  They have to pretend to the world that they are an item but not everyone is buying it.

The first volume in this series - I believe there is 25 volumes in total - introduces us to the main two characters Raku and Chitoge.  It also introduces us to his other love interest Onodera along with the henchman for each rival gang who treat their young charges as lords and ladies, such total respect!

This is a sweet read and perfect for teens too.



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