Review - Frankie Comics by Rachel Dukes

Title: Frankie Comics

Author: Rachel Dukes

Publisher: Oni Press 

Release Date: 25th August 2020

Source: NetGalley
Fans of Johnny Wander, Pusheen, and Chi's Sweet Home will love this collection of the hit webcomic Frankie Comics by Rachel Dukes.

When they discover a kitten asleep in their doorway, real-life artist couple Rachel and Mike immediately fall prey to her charms. Soon, the new queen of their home is a blue point Siamese cat named Frankie. Stealing snacks, making mischief, and taking snuggling very seriously, Frankie proves, again and again, the wholesome joys of a feline companion.

Hilarious indie comics darling Frankie Comics is collected for the first time in this full-color hardcover edition – purrfect for cat lovers everywhere.

I love my dog, I really do but I think she needs a friend. I suggested a puppy pal to her, it was met with a look of disgust, I suggested a kitten, she promptly packed her bags and left no forwarding address. I like the idea of having a cat but the reality is different! 

Meet Frankie, an adorable ball of fluff who makes herself at home on Rachel and Mike’s doorstep and worms her way in to their home and heart. 

I devoured this comic, the panels show all the ups and downs of cat ownership. The joy of snuggles, the pain of spending money on toys for them to ignore them, the lack of peace whilst you try to pee or use the computer and the constant meowing, meow, meow, meow at all hours of the day and night!

If you are a cat lover, you’ll love this, if you are a cold hearted cat hater, you’ll be converted. If like me you are on the fence about cat ownership you’ll be off the fence and off to adopt!

Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.



  1. I'm allergic to cats, but if I wasn't, I'd definitely have one as a pet😁

  2. This sounds delightful. My daughter has a cat and would probably love this!

  3. This sounds absolutely adorable! I'm a cat person and a dog person and a crazy person, lol.

  4. So cute!!! I've really been in the mood for comics lately. This looks perfect!


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