Review - Giant Days Volume 4 by John Allison

Title: Giant Days Volume 

Author: John Allison

Publisher: Boom Box

Release Date: February 2017

It’s springtime at Sheffield University—the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and fast-pals Susan, Esther, and Daisy continue to survive their freshman year of university. Susan is barely dealing with her recent breakup with McGraw, Esther is considering dropping out of school, and Daisy is trying to keep everyone and everything from falling apart! Combined with house- hunting, indie film festivals, and online dating, can the girls make it to second year? Collects issues #13-16.

To recap our lovely trio of ladies are...
  • Susan Ptolemy - The one with the most common sense, she keeps the other two on the straight and narrow (most of the time), she’s a bit of a slob and you’ll be happy to learn she’s studying medicine!
  • Esther de Groot - Goth goddess, fashion icon, attractor of men and women, drama queen, accident prone, student of English lit.  Loyal friend.  Life of the party.
  • Daisy Wooton - She is said to 50% hair and 100% not ready for this world, she is sweet and innocent, raised by her loving granny.  She is struggling a little with her sexuality and is definitely not prepared for drinking and partying.  Archaeology student.
Volume 4 is all about house hunting, I mean who wouldn’t want a bunch of students living in their rental property that they spent thousands on?!

Esther has been cut off by the Bank of Mum and Dad, she decides to try her luck in the real world and ends up working in BakerMax (a thinly disguised Gregg’s to my UK readers - let me know rest of the world readers where you buy your sausage rolls, meat pies and assorted cakes from), Esther is a gothic creature of beauty who now finds her head in an industrial oven scraping of grease.

Daisy (who rocks the Annie Hall look during a film festival attendance) is nagging the girls that they need to find somewhere to live, they don’t share her urgency but that is nothing new.  She volunteers to do the campus tours for the new students and running late ends up with a motley crew which includes the gregarious Ingrid who has not filter and is wonderfully matter of fact - did I mention she is German.  She is also instantly smitten with Daisy who is trying to run the other way from Ingrids boldness.

Susan is still crushed from her break up with McGraw and finds herself experimenting with the possible disaster that is Tinder, what could possibly go wrong?! She is definitely not over McGraw but she tries and ends up on dates with three of the most horrific guys out there.

Maybe it is just me but this series is just so good, consistently so.  I’ve read a couple of series where the volumes go on and on, the plot quality drops like there is nothing worth writing about, but that doesn’t happen here.  In fact I’ve just read Volume 13 and again its brilliant.

On to volume 5!



  1. I'd love to start this series someday, it sounds like fun! Plus you don't see that many graphic novels that take place in a college setting, it seems.

    1. It is really great, I’ve read all the published volumes and I cant fault it.

  2. I can certainly relate to the house hunt at that age!

  3. "the Bank of mum and Dad" lol. These sound so fun. I really should try these...


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