Would You Rather Tag - Sunny Buzzy’s Questions

I saw this fun Would You Rather tag over at Sunny Buzzy Books and I 

thought I’d give it a bash!

1) Would you rather eat out or have a home-cooked meal every evening for 
the rest of your life?

If I lived in a bigger city with lots of food options then yes every night I’d be out but I don’t so home cooked it is!

2) Would you rather visit theme parks or visit castles/historical sites?

This is a difficult one as we love Disney World and Florida but I also live in the highlands of Scotland so there are plenty of castles kicking about but I could visit Cinderella Cast at WDW!

3) Would you rather have instantaneous travel in the present 
or the ability to time travel to the past?

Definitely the present, especially plane travel, its tedious and unnerving at the best of times, if I could just press and button and be there that would be fab.

4) Would you rather live in perpetual night or perpetual day?

I love to have night especially if it is clear and the stars light. up the sky.

5) Would you rather walk a mile on lego bricks or broken glass?

They are both torturous but I’ll go for Lego as there will be less blood to clean up.

6) Would you rather lose the internet (i.e it ceases to exist) or lose your eyesight?

I wear glasses as it is, As a kid growing up we didn’t have the Internet, it simply wasn’t a thing, you went to libraries and looked stuff up or used Ceefax or Teletext (anyone remember them?).  So the internet can go as far as I’m concerned.

7) Would you rather play a game you love with people you hate 
OR play a game you hate with people you love?

Depends on the game......

8) Would you rather own the Mona Lisa or Starry Night?

Starry Night please, Mona Lisa and her eyes would follow me about.

9) Would you rather wear clothes that are always too big or always a little too small?

Too big please!

10) Would you rather burn books for warmth or freeze to death?

Can it be a specific author, if it can I’m burning books!

If you got this far these are my questions, I’d love to hear from you if you answer them or just answer in the comments!

  1. Would you rather never lose your phone or your keys again?
  2. Would you rather be covered in fur or covered in scales?
  3. Would you rather eat Haggis or Stornaway Black Pudding for the rest of your life?
  4. Would you rather be able to fly or being to run at the speed of sound?
  5. Would you rather have unlimited WiFi or unlimited coffee forever at your favourite cafe?
  6. Would you rather go back 100 years in the past or 100 years in to the future?
  7. Would you rather visit Glasgow or Edinburgh?
  8. Would you rather know all the mysteries of the universe or would you rather know your future?
  9. Would you rather eat a spoon of wasabi or a spoon of hot sauce (the kind with the skull and crossbones on the bottle!)
  10. Would you rather have super sensitive taste or super sensitive hearing?


  1. I think I’d answer most of these questions the same way you did. I wish I could eat at restaurants every night without getting fat or going broke. I love food and hate cooking.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I’m the same, love food but would rather someone else did the cooking!

  2. These were fun questions! I would probably prefer day time because I can't get anything done at night.

  3. Instantaneous travel would be amazing. Even when you fly, it's like a whole day thing. Getting to airport with plenty of time, in the air time, getting your luggage, getting to where you are staying. To just *poof* be there, amazing.

    1. I love the whole past security airport experience, the people watching and looking at shops but long journeys do my head it. For us to go to Orlando we leave here at 4am and don’t get till Orlando till about 8pm, to just arrive would be so much easier!

  4. It would be pretty disappointing if I tried 100 years in the future and found nothing.

    1. It would be a total anti climax if there wasn’t at least a hover car!

  5. Those were tough questions but I love your answers! I'm such a night owl but at the same time I can feel myself getting depressed if I don't see the sun for too many days in a row. I wouldn't be able to choose! You're right about Mona Lisa's eyes! :-D

    1. I’d love to be a morning person but I just can’t get myself up. I’m glad you agree about Mona Lisa, she gives me the creeps!

  6. This is a fun tag !

    Would you rather be able to fly or being to run at the speed of sound?
    Run at the speed of sound! If I would be given a chance. Hehe. But I'm hoping it would be at the speed of light. That would be more awesome.

    Would you rather have unlimited WiFi or unlimited coffee forever at your favourite cafe?
    Unlimited WiFi! I am so deprived of fast and unli WiFi in our country lol

    1. Running would be fun, like the Flash! It’s got to be coffee for me!

  7. I don't much like eating out as the bad behaviour of others puts me off-kids running wild and screaming, mobile phones going off every ten seconds...no thanks! I'd go with being able to fly and instantly transport, visiting the historical sites as I love that kind of thing, and I'd keep my eyesight over the Internet any day.

    I don't have a phone and I'm rarely out so I never lose phone or keys. I detest the taste of Haggis and would never even go near black pudding! I don't eat anything spicy so I wouldn't touch either I'm afraid!

    1. I’m afraid I like both haggis and black pudding, as long as I don’t think about what is in them.

      I’m thankful my daughters are well behaved as so many others aren’t, holding my tongue can be hard.

  8. Disney World Florida is one of our favourite holiday places. :)

    As for some of your questions...
    Edinburgh over Glasgow every time! I grew up pretty much in the middle of the two but I always preferred Edinburgh and went there regularly. After living there for 7 years during Uni my fate was sealed - that city owns my soul.
    As for haggis or black pudding... 🤢 🤮 They're both vile. 😂
    I'd rather lose my phone than my keys (it would be doing me a favour), I'd rather have the internet as I don't drink coffee, I'd want to travel to the past, never know my future, I'd take the scales, the ability to fly, the super hearing and the hot sauce. 🙂

    1. I love WDW, we were supposed to fly out two week this Monday, oh well, it’ll still be there next year!

      I like the history of Edinburgh, I’d quite happily live in one of the posh town houses!

      I like both haggis and black pudding providing I don’t think about the ingredients.

      I think the past would be good, knowing your future wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing!

  9. Ha ha! How fun! I agree with the instantaneous travel because I hate to fly. Fear of heights. Although, I do love to go on road trips. ;) And yes, I'd burn the books of an author I hate to stay warm. :)

    1. I love/hate flying but I would be much easier if you could just appear where you want. Either that they need to make planes unaffected by turbulence!

  10. Man, I have always wanted to teleport. It would make life so much easier lol. Yay a fellow night lover!

  11. Fun! I will be doing your questions on Thursday. 👍✨


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