Book Review | The Book of Malachi by T C Farren

Title: The Book of Malachi

Author: T C Farren

Publisher: Titan Books

Release Date: US - 10th November 2020
UK - 13th October 2020

Source: NetGalley

In this frightening, high-concept science fiction thriller, a mute survivor of civil war must confront the horrors of organ farming on a deep-sea oilrig. 

Nominated for the 2020 Nommo Awards for Speculative Fiction by Africans

Malachi, a mute thirty-year-old man, has just received an extraordinary job offer. In exchange for six months as a warden on a top-secret organ-farming project, Raizier Pharmaceuticals will graft Malachi a new tongue. 

So Malachi finds himself on an oilrig among warlords and mass murderers. But are the prisoner-donors as evil as Raizier says? Do they deserve their fate? 

As doubt starts to grow, the stories of the desperate will not be silenced - not even his own. Covertly Malachi comes to know them, even the ones he fears, and he must make a choice - if he wants to save one, he must save them all. And risk everything, including himself.

TW: Violence, Torture, Mention of Rape, Psychological Torture, Murder, Nudity.

I will start by saying that I know this book wont be for everyone, books that feature dark subjects will always have that effect on potential readers but I truly enjoyed this book and despite the grim subject, I was sucked in till the end.

Malachi Dakwaa is mute, he spends his days working in a chicken processing factory and his nights sleeping in a stall in converted stables.  He is a clever man with some considerable demons, having lost his tongue at an early age and seeing loved ones murdered in front of you will do that to a person.

His life is about to change and for the better, he is offered a job working for a classified medical programme.  This position is not in a hospital, it is on an oil rig far off the coast of Africa and his payment for six months will be the grafting of a new tongue.  You see the rig is not drilling for oil, it is harvesting organs from prisoners, these prisoners have committed horrible acts and as punishment their bodies are being used to grow organs.  Malachi will be monitoring them.

The rig houses other people of course and they are all there for the same reason, they have all been promised payment in the form of a body part for a loved one, lungs for a baby boy, a heart for a young girl and they are all desperate to get paid.

Malachi will maintain the prisoners, they are all kept naked in cages, his job is to cut their nails which grow extremely quickly, make sure they are well (because if they are sick, the precious cargo inside them which is worth millions will be null and void) and most importantly not to talk to them, that of course won’t be a problem.  He quickly gets in to the swing of things and his disgust for the prisoners is obvious but then he starts to listen to them.  All of them are guilty but what if they deserve better?

The setting of this book is quite sinister, I mean of course it is, its an oil rig where they are cutting up people to make money.  But the rig itself is huge and I think for me the fact it is in the middle of the ocean with no land around for miles makes me incredibly uneasy - plus did I mention there is sharks!?

Malachi is a complex character, he is thought to be stupid because he is mute but that is incredibly far from the truth, he is an avid reader and that shows in his thoughts.  He is compassionate and hard working but as his time on the rig goes by he sees things that he doesn’t like on little bit.

Like I said at the start this book won’t be for everyone but of course if we all liked the same books then life would be incredibly boring.  The Book of Malachi is well written and will stay in your thoughts for days after.

Thanks to Net Galley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Wonderful review - you've definitely encouraged me to check this one out.
    Lynn :D

  2. I love well-written, complex characters...and that sounds like what Malachi is! I'll have to look for this one. :)

  3. No way could I read this right now. But someday for sure!


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