Out of Office!!

Hey everyone, hope you are safe and well.

I’m going of the blog from today until the 19th October but I will be hanging about on Instagram and I have posts auto scheduled for next week including my review of The Once and Future Witches.

The kids are off school so I have lots of movies they want to watch and they don’t know it yet but they really need to cleaner their bedrooms.  I’m reading To Sleep in a Sea of Stars and its huge, so far so good and will keep me going for several days.  

I’m also watching a really good Russian Netflix show called To The Lake, set after a nasty plague hits Moscow (maybe a little too close to current affairs), there are no zombies just people being the worst and best versions of themselves.

See you all soon.

Heather x


  1. Sounds wonderful, enjoy your break๐Ÿ˜

  2. Enjoy the blog break!
    I'm not officially on a break but I've been crap at visits, comments and actually writing blog posts lately so I may as well be!

    Half term isn't for another week and a half down here. I'm looking forward to it too!
    Some time off work... Lovely.

  3. Enjoy your blog break and I'll see you when you get back!

  4. Enjoy your break!! I tried to blog on my break, but it actually frustrated me more! So just chill a while.


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