Book Review | Adam’s Ark by Frances Brand #adamsark #netgalley

Title: Adam’s Ark

Author: Frances Brand

Publisher: Books Go Social

Release Date: 18th August 2020

Source: NetGalley 

A decade after the Covid virus a new and more devastating disaster strikes the world.

As climate change tightens its grip weather patterns become more erratic, from extreme heat to long periods of monsoon-like rainfall. Large parts of the world are inundated and in a flood of apocalyptic proportions anywhere on high ground becomes a refuge from the rising water. 

With the country effectively under martial law architect Adam Woolton’s precious home is besieged by desperate people from all over the region deposited in open country from the air to fend for themselves. 

His chance rescue of a young child left alone in a drowning village and his crazy joke about building an ark bring him to the attention of the military. He finds himself out of his depth in a mystery involving the child and her mother. 

Meanwhile the water is still rising.

Set in our near future, the rain has started to fall, it is heavy and relentless, and it isn’t stopping.  The water level is rising, the rivers meet up with the sea, entire communities are under water and still it doesn’t show any sign of stopping.

Adam and his family moved to their house to escape the rat race and to embrace the country lifestyle, from their house upon a hilltop they are horrified by the extent of the flooding.  They find themselves welcoming bedraggled near drowned people who have lost everything however they soon find out that in times of trouble not everyone shows their best side.

With no one in charge Adam and his neighbours are left to try and maintain some normalcy but some of their “guests” don’t appreciate rationing and with air drops in short supply tempers of course rise.  To add to Adam’s problems he has also taken in to his house a young girl who was at home alone.  A nationwide appeal finds her mother but it also uncovers something more sinister, something that interests the military and Adam finds himself worrying about more than just the flooding.

This was a good read, its set ten years in to the future and of course floods of immense scale are something that could happen at any time.  As we have seen with COVID times of disaster and concern bring out the best and worst of people and this is definitely shown in the book.  The flooding is truly believable and the description of the detritus was chilling.

I could have happily continued to read about the flooding but the side story regarding the young girl and her mysterious daughter was a nice segue.

This was definitely a close to the bone read and enjoyable read.

Thanks to Net Galley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


  1. It sounds like this was just written recently since it mentions Covid in the description. I love the idea of rain that never stops!

    1. It has definitely been written early this year, it just shows you how quickly books can be written!

  2. Flooding and covid, yes, close to the bone... It looks good, thanks for sharing !

  3. I like books with dystopian settings...much better to read about them than live through them. :)

  4. Hi Heather! Give me a couple of months, then I'll read this one too. It does sound fascinating. I think you are very brave to brace it now! Or am I just tired beyond words?

    Hope you are well and keeping safe. From Covid and flood waters!

    Elza is grateful for

    1. I’m definitely not brave, I just liked the cover and thought I’d give it a bash!

      Hope you are well too!

  5. Ooh, this is so so tempting!! Thanks, I had not heard about it

  6. I don't know if I could handle this one. 😅

    1. Yep, I totally understand it might be a bit close to the bone.

  7. I'm still finding it a bit too early for Covid related books. I still can't go near apocalypse books of any kind despite having a pile of them!

    1. It’s more flooding but I know what you mean, the old virus books of old aren’t the same!


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