Book Review | The Body Falls by Andrea Carter

Title: The Body Falls

Author: Andrea Carter

Publisher: Little Brown Book Group

Release Date: 8th October 2020

Source: NetGalley 

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April in Florida and Ben O'Keeffe is enjoying balmy temperatures, working the last few days of a six-month stint with her old law firm. A week later she returns to Glendara, Inishowen where a charity cycle race is taking place. But it starts to rain, causing the cyclists to postpone the start of their event and stay overnight in the town. But the rain doesn't stop; it increases to become relentless, torrential.

In the middle of the night Sergeant Tom Molloy is called out to Mamore Gap, where a body, dislodged from a high bank by the heavy rain, has fallen onto the vet's jeep. It is identified as Bob Jameson, a well-known local charities boss, and the organiser of the cycling event. Stunned, the GP confirms that the man has suffered a snakebite.

Terrible weather persists and soon bridges are down and roads are impassable. Glendara is completely cut off, with a killer at the heart of the community. Who is responsible for Bob Jameson's death? One of the strangers in town or someone closer to home? It's left to Molloy, with Ben's assistance, to find out what is going on.

I love a book that makes use of the elements, I have read quite a few this year that have been set in claustrophobic snowy conditions but I haven’t read one with torrential rain until now.  Heavy rain scares me more than snow because heavy rain can cause flooding and as a non swimmer that terrifies me!

Returning to the idyllic town of Glendara after a six month stint at an American law firm, Ben O’Keefe is looking forward to returning home.  She is looking forward to seeing all her friends, her cat and the man who asked her to marry him, Garda Sergeant Tom Malloy.

The town is busy, full of cyclists taking part in a charity cycle through the beautiful countryside, the pubs are full and the B & B’s are full, the cyclists are very welcome visitors to the area, little do they know that their stay is about to be extended.

The rain starts and continues to fall, it is heavy and persistent, the roads start to flood and the force of the water damages bridges and it also gives a mighty shock to a passing vet when a body slides down a remote banking and lands on her car.

The body is identified as the organiser of the race, Bob Jamieson, what was he doing out in that area in the dark on such a horrific night, was his death an accident or is someone to blame.  It quickly becomes apparent that Bob was not the saint he was made out to be and the list of suspects gets longer and longer.  The fact that the town is now marooned means that a killer is walking amongst them.

Will Ben and Molloy be able to find out the truth before the rain stops?

I did not for the life of me realise that this was a series, I was several chapters in before I realised that something had obviously gone down with a lot of these characters already, but I think this is a good thing as you could quite happily read this as a stand alone book.  There is enough detail given to give you an idea of what has gone before.  This is a cracking read in a stunning setting with a very likeable protagonist.  There are enough suspects to stop you from guessing straight away too, anyone could be guilty.

Thanks to Net Galley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Sounds good! Come to think of it, I also like books where the elements play a part in the plot. Never actually thought about it before!

    1. I especially like snowy books but the rain was great in this one.

  2. I don't think I've ever read a book that deals with flooding, so now I'm intrigued­čśü

  3. I love rain as part of a setting for a book with a thriller or chiller element!

  4. Sounds awesome. I'll have to look for this author...and this series. All that rain makes for some great atmosphere to go along with the mystery. :)

    1. I think I’ll have a look for the first book, it certainly seems to be a very good series!

  5. It's nice when books in a series can stand on their own, too. This sounds like a great weekend read!

  6. This sounds amazing and terrifying all at the same time! What a cool concept! I don't think that I have read anything that compares to this setting. I will have to give it a try as well. :)

  7. When I was a toddler we lived in Pittsburgh, PA. A city of hills. So when it rained hard the streets would flood. I would become terrified when my parents took us out in the car. I have never lost that fear.

    1. Flooding scares me, we have had some bad floods in the last year and it’s always been in the dark when I’ve came across it.


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