#Blogmas - Best Reads of 2020 - Best Plot Twist


Day 10 of Sophie at Beware of Readers

My Best Plot Twist read of 2020 was the Left Hanging by Maria Frankland, a story about a marriage that falls apart.  The husband realises that he no longer loves his wife, he also comes to terms with being gay and all this runs parallel with the death of a local man.  The two things shouldn’t have anything to do with one another but what if they do? I did not see the twist coming in this book at all, it was a great read and you can read my review here...https://www.randomredheadedramblings.com/2020/10/blog-tour-left-hanging-by-maria.html


  1. I love it when an author can deliver a twist I never saw coming.

  2. These best categories are the best. I may incorporate them into my Top Reads of 2020 this year.

  3. I love a surprising plottwist so I’m definitely making a note of this book! Thank you for sharing! xx


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