#Blogmas - Best Reads of 2020 - Best Series


Day 11 of Sophie at Beware of Readers

My Best Series of 2020 was Giant Days, I love this series.  The female friendship goals throughout are amazing.  Susan, Esther and Daisy have permanently etched themselves on to my heart with their journey through university.  Charming, funny and relatable.  I just finished the series earlier this month and I’m missing them already.


  1. I read the novel based on this series, but never the series itself (though I want to).

    1. I’ve got the novel but need to read it! Hopefully next year.

  2. I love a book with series female friendships in it! This sounds like a great series :) x

  3. You just keep introducing such good books!

  4. I have to get back to these next year. I love them. 💖

  5. I need to focus a bit on series catchups. I've been saying it for five years and never seem to do it!


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