#Blogmas - Best Reads of 2020 - Best Underrated Book

Day 30 of Sophie at Beware of Readers

Best Underrated Book is  ......The Saturday Night Ghost Club was not what I was expecting.  I was expecting Stranger Things but what I got was still an excellent read.  It was like The Goonies mixed with Stand by Me.  It is a poignant coming of age tale with a slightly spooky feel.  I really enjoyed it and my full review is here.


  1. I like discovering a good read that isn't as well known...it's fun promoting it to friends!

  2. Hi Heather! You've changed things on here! Gosh, it looks gorgeous. You are soooo good with this!! I love it!! And yes, I'm jealous. But in a good way.

    I still need to read The Saturday Night Ghost Club. Still seems like a great read!

    I've just updated my December Countdown, going to bed early (we are back under strict lock down, so no party tonight) and read until it's new year!

    So glad that I've met you this year. It's always fun talking to you.

    Happy New Year! See you next year! LOL!!

    Lots of love,

    Elza Reads

    1. I had to reinstall my template and with it I decided to streamline and switch on the moving banner bit.

      Same to you my dear, it’s the best part about this, meeting and making new friends all over the world!


  3. I cannot not wait to read this. I loved doing my year of reading classics, but I also feel there has been a weight lifted off my shoulders with being able to read anything I want this year. 🙃

    1. It was really good, totally not what I expected. I’m only 11 days in to my book ban and I’m longing for next year when I can unleash my plastic again.


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