Book Review | Christmas Island by Natalie Normann #blogmas

Title: Christmas Island

Author: Natalie Normann

Publisher: One More Chapter

Release Date: 30th November 2020

Source: NetGalley 

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Cosy up in front of a fire and discover Christmas the Norwegian way…full of romance, cosy traditions and hygge!

In the bleak midwinter… 
A really frosty wind is making Holly’s life absolutely miserable

After all the years of hard work it took Londoner Holly Greene to become a doctor, now it could all be taken away and she only has herself to blame. She’s retreating to her brother’s rustic home on an island off the coast of Norway to lick her wounds. Only, it’s the middle of winter and icy slush plus endless darkness isn’t exactly the cheery, festive getaway she had imagined.

Nearly stumbling off the edge of a cliff in the dark, Holly is saved by Frøy, a yellow-eyed cat of fearsome but fluffy proportions, and his owner – grouchy, bearded recluse, Tor. Tor has his own problems to face but the inexplicable desire to leave a bag of freshly baked gingerbread men on Holly’s doorstep is seriously getting in the way of his hermit routine.

Call it kindness, call it Christmas, but Holly’s arrival means midwinter has never looked less bleak.

In all honesty I’m not usually one for romance but when I saw this one pop up online, it ticked several boxes for me.  The first box was the festive cover which totally radiates Christmas and the second box was ticked by the Norwegian setting, a country I’d love to visit especially during Christmastime.

After an incident at her hospital, Holly Greene escapes her life as a busy doctor in London and retreats to her brothers isolated home on an island of the coast of Norway.  She is looking forward to forgetting her troubles and spending Christmas with her family but her time there is nearly cut short when she makes a wrong turn and nearly ends up of a cliff.  

Her saviour is a rugged Norwegian called Tor though really it was his very clever cat Frøy who raised the alarm.  Tor wants to be alone, he has left Oslo and his own demons.  Could Holly’s arrival bring him out of his shell?

Holly’s brother has yet to return from his trip abroad so she is left to her own devices, she quickly makes friends with the locals and starts to enjoy herself but a certain cat always seems to keep appearing and his owner is never far behind.  Can they both forget their troubles and celebrate Christmas together?

This was a cute read, I loved the setting as it was all snowy and cold plus the food in this book is fabulous.    Just the mention of marzipan was making me drool plus a whole heap of other cakes I’d never heard of but have looked up since!

Plus that cat, Frøy is the main star of the book, I believe he is described as a Norwegian Forest Cat and he sounds ever so fluffy and adorable, the kind of cat I’d love to have.

This is a charming read that will warm the heart over the colder months.

Thanks to Net Galley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


  1. With a cat as a main character, I can see why you liked this one.

  2. This sounds so cute and Christmasy, and I want to meet the cat!

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one! Like you, I'm not too keen on romance fic but all these festive ones are super tempting. The setting and cat makes it an easy sell haha, will have to check it out! :)

  4. Sounds like a cute one. I think I've only read maybe one other book set in Norway.


  5. I saw this cover, and it's so cute and cosy. I am glad the book was fun and CAT! I love when animals are featured in stories (and don't die)

    1. I know, it’s the first thing I check if there is an animal in a book, does it make it till the end!

  6. This does sound super cute! I will have to keep an eye out for it. Definitely my kind of holiday read!


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