Book Review | The Imposter by Anna Wharton

Title: The Imposter

Author: Anna Wharton

Publisher: Pan MacMillan

Release Date: 1st April 2021

Source: NetGalley
They say you can't choose your family . .  But what if they're wrong?

Chloe lives a quiet life. Working as a newspaper archivist in the day and taking care of her nan in the evening, she's happy simply to read about the lives of others as she files the news clippings from the safety of her desk.

But there's one story that she can't stop thinking about. The case of Angie Kyle – a girl, Chloe's age, who went missing as a child. A girl whose parents never gave up hope.

When Chloe's nan is moved into care, leaving Chloe on the brink of homelessness, she takes a desperate step: answering an ad to be a lodger in the missing girl's family home. It could be the perfect opportunity to get closer to the story she's read so much about. But it's not long until she realizes this couple isn't all they seem. In a house where everyone has something to hide, is it possible to get too close?

Chloe lives an unassuming life. She lives with her grandmother and has a job as an archivist at the local newspaper.  She doesn’t stand out, she just blends in with the crowd and that suits her just fine.

Her grandmother suffers from dementia, it breaks Chloe’s heart to see her like this and her only escape is with her job.  Through newspaper cuttings she lives other people’s lives, from birth to death, she has them all filled in away in an array of cabinets.  Most of the clippings don’t weigh on her mind until one sticks, a case of a missing 4-year-old girl some twenty-odd years ago.

Little Angie Kyle was at the park with her dad, one minute she was there, the next she was gone.  Never to be seen from again.  The Kyle’s have never given up hope and their loss becomes Chloe’s obsession.  She tracks down every bit of information and sets out to see for herself the location of this disappearance. 

Her obsession takes over, she loses track of everything, her grandmother gets taken in to the care of a nursing home, the home they shared will have to be sold and she loses her job at the newspaper.  Her life is unravelling, but still her obsession grows.  She wants to be closer to case.

With homelessness looming over her head, Chloe answers an advert for a room.  It is in a village that she is in by no accident.  It is the new home of the Kyle’s and they are looking for a lodger. Will ingratiating herself with these bereft parents get her closer to the mystery of Angie’s disappearance or will the threads of her obsession start to come away.

This was a great read. It was one of these stories I thought I had the measure of, but came with a twist that put me back in my place!  It starts off a little slow but stick with it as it is a story of obsession done very well. 

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I like stories which keep you guessing till the very end and then you are wrong!

  2. I honestly can't get enough of a good investigation story. Every time I feel like I've read them all, something like this comes along to capture my attention.

    1. I’m the same, there is always a book that comes along and throws me.

  3. Now I want to know if Chloe's obsession pays off!

  4. This sounds like a good, twisty mystery! Thanks for sharing your review😁

  5. Hi there! This sounds really good! And I like that cover. I get the impression it sums up the book perfectly. I love it when designers do that.

    Thanks for your comment on my blogger post. Yup, I will troll you on Facebook. I'm just still trying to see where my ducks are in the row at the moment. I think I'm going to do the same as you with the domain and leave the rest as is for now.

    It's almost weekend! Hang in there! Oh wait, you most probably have to pack...

    Elza Reads

    1. Yep packing, it’s my life for next few weeks, eats in reading and blogging but it’ll be worth it.

      Yes, honestly give me a message and I’ll try and help. Your blog looks great and the domain name change is relatively easy but back up before you do anything!

      Take care!

  6. Obsessive characters can be both compelling and frustrating at times for me. I'm glad this one turned out to be a good read.


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