I'll be back.....


So since I have lasted properly posted I have uprooted from my home of 16 years, fifty miles down the road to our new house.  It's awesome.  It was also tiring, stressful and quite a change to what I know.  But it is awesome.  Best. Move. Ever.

In all honesty I have not felt like doing much of anything and the thought of even attempting blog posts is way down my list of things to do.  It would not be my best work if I attempted to put thoughts to keyboard.

Once again I was faced with the "should I just stop blogging" dilemma.  Unlike last time this isn't blogger burnout, it is just Heather burnout.  So there won't be as much posted on here for the foreseeable.  I'll be dabbling with Instagram as I like looking at the pretty pictures but consider here on hiatus until I summon up the energy and get myself better organised.

Speak soon and take care everyone.



  1. I've only been inconsistently posting this summer too. Life gets in the way. And a move? Moves are so stressful and exhausting!

    Congrats on your awesome new house! We'll be here when you decide to come back!

  2. Congrats on the move!!! Take all the time you need, hope you comeback but no pressure lol. Honestly- be well!! :)

  3. Congrats on the move and I hope you enjoy your hiatus. Self-care is a must! See you on IG :)

  4. Big life changes like a move always make me feel weary of blogging. I have always found my way back to it, but it has to be the right time or I'll resist. Enjoy your new home and we'll see you around on IG.

  5. Enjoy your blogging break. Good for you for knowing your boundaries and sticking to them.


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