About Me!

Who am I? 

I am the wrong side of 40, a stereotypical Scottish redhead (the temper bit is totally true) married to my wonderful hubby since 2003 and we have two amazing if very bonkers daughters and my bouncy and also bonkers cocker spaniel who is a big nutty softy!

Reading is a huge part of my life and has been since an early age.  I get really antsy if I don't have a huge pile of books to read! I love to learn and experience new things and books let me do this and it's a cliche but they do let me escape from everyday for an hour or two!

I love most genres and as I said on the home page my taste is broad - dystopia to travel books, crime and supernatural, most things I am happy to read, I mostly draw the limit at historical novels but of late I have really enjoyed some especially the St Mary's series.

I discovered Pinterest in 2013 and it reignited my passion for food, I think about food pretty much all the time (when I am not thinking about books), I love cookbooks, food porn in general and sometimes I even attempt to bake, which comes to my next love (well maybe love is wrong) running, I like to eat and I like to be a size ten to twelve so I tried to take up up running a couple of years back using Zombies Run but spent more time building my township rather than running.

I’m also games mainly the Legend of Zelda and anything that is cool on the App Store.  Ever since my Dad bought my first Atari I have been hooked on computers and the games that come with them.

My general nerdiness also extends massively to cover sci fi, dystopian stuff such as WOOL, Star Wars, Tolkien, Marvel, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Funko Pops, numerous other TV progs (Bob's Burgers I love you!!).

Anyway nice to meet you, stop by and say hi!!

Heather xx