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Negovetich, Sarah - Rite of Rejection

Neuvel, Sylvain - Sleeping Giants

Nicks, Louise - Soren: The Angel & The Prize Fighter

Nolen, Laura Liddell - The Ark

Novik, Naomi - Uprooted


O'Kane, Lisa Ann - Essence

O'Malley, Daniel - The Rook

O'Malley, Daniel - Stiletto

Ormand, Kate - Dark Days

Ormand, Kate - The Wanderers


Paige, Helena S - A Girl walks into a Bar

Paige, Laurelin - Take Two

Pass, Emma - Acid

Pass, Emma - The Fearless

Pattinson, Rachel - Synthetica

Silent Night

Paver, Michelle - Dark Matter

Payne, Lyla - Not Quite Dead

Pearl, Melissa - Fever 

Pearse, Sarah
The Sanatorium

Pepper, Sarah J - Locks: Rapunzel Unhinged

Perlmutter, Sarah - The Blast

Perry, Sarah - After Me Comes The Flood

Phillips, Gin - Fierce Kingdom

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth - Heroes Are My Weakness

Pickering, Fran - The Cherry Blossom Murder

Pierce, SJ - Spectacle

Pillow, Michelle M - Silo 1000:The Complete Trilogy


Quinn, Kari and Elliott, Taryn - Lost in Oblivion: Rocked

Quinn, Susan Kaye - Delirium (Debt Collector #1)


Ray, Meg - Miette, Recipes from San Francisco's Most Charming Pastry Shop

Raisin, Rebecca - The Bookshop on the Corner

Ranney, Karen - The Witch of Clan Sinclair

Ranney, Karen - The Virgin of Clan Sinclair

Reichs, Kathy - Two Nights

Reilly, Matthew - The Great Zoo of China

Renae, Cameo - ARV-3

Restucci, Rich - Run

Rich, Christie - Origin of Angels

Riley, Lia - Upside Down

Robb, J D - Devoted in Death

Robb, J D - Echoes in Death

Robb, J D - Festive in Death

Robb, J D - Obsession in Death

Roberts, Adam - The Real-Town Murders

Roberts, Nora - The Liar

Robot Chronicles

Rosen, Lev AC - Depth

Roth, Veronica - Divergent

Roux, Madeleine - Allison Hewitt is Trapped

Rowling, JK - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


Sakey, Marcus - Afterlife

Sansbury-Smith, Nicholas - Hell Divers

Sansbury-Smith, Nicholas - Hell Divers II Ghosts

Savage, HK - Whispers

Schaefer, Craig - Harmony Black

Scott, Kylie - Lick

Scott, Michelle - Straight to Hell

Sepp, Maia - An Etiquette Guide to the End Times

Shay, Rori - Elected

Shay, Rori - Suspected

Shirk, Jennifer - Fiancé by Fate

Simmons, Kristen - Article 5

Simmons, Kristen - Breaking Point

Simmons, Kristen - Three

Snopek, Roxanne - Resisting the Rancher

Snyder, Scott - Undiscovered Country Volume 1

Sparks, Nicholas - The Best of Me

Spears Rick and Helen, Emmett - My Riot

Staples and Vaughan - Saga Volume 1

Staples and Vaughan - Saga Volume 2

Staples and Vaughan - Saga Volume 3

Stephens, S C - Thoughtful

Stephens, S C - Untamed

Stevenson, Noelle - Lumberjanes #1

Stevenson, Noelle - Nimona

Stewart, M Stephen - We Are Watching

Stibbe, Nina - Love, Nina

St John Mandel, Emily - Station Eleven

Strayed, Cheryl - Wild

Summers, MJ - Breaking Love

Susann, Jacqueline - Valley of the Dolls

Suzuki, Julia - Gift of Charms

Sykes, Lucy and Piazza, Jo - Techbitch

Synchronic: 13 Tales of Time Travel


Talbot, Kendall - Treasured Secrets

Tanquary, Kathryn - The Night Parade

Tashiro, Tomoko - Fairy Tale

Tayell, Frank - Surviving The Evacuation: Book 1 London

Tayell, Frank - Surviving The Evacuation: Book 2 Wasteland

Taylor, Frank - Surviving The Evacuation: Book 3 Family

Taylor, Jodi - Just One Damned Thing After Another

Taylor, Laini - Lips Touch

Thayne, RaeAnne - Wild Iris Ridge

Thompson, Karri - Mirror X

Thomson, ES - Beloved Poison

Thomson, Lesley - The Dog Walker

Tomlinson, Patrick S - The Ark

Towle, Samantha - Taming the Storm

Tsumura, Kikuko - There’s No Such Thing As An Easy Job



VanderMeer, Jeff - Annihilation

Vaughan & Chiang - Paper Girls Volume One

Vaughan & Chiang - Paper Girls Volume Two

Vaughan, Sarah - The Art of Baking Blind


Walker, Adrian J - End of the World Running Club

Walker, Adrian J - Last Dog on Earth

Walliams, David - The Midnight Gang

Ward, Tracey - Writing on the Wall

Wardell, Heather - Plan Overboard

Wassmer, Julie - May Day Murder

Wassmer, Julie - Murder on Sea

Wassmer, Julie - The Whitstable Pearl Mystery

Wassmer, Julie - Murder on the Pilgrims Way

Watson, Angus - Age of Iron

Watson, Angus - Clash of Iron

Weatherford, Lacey - Chasing Nikki

Wells, Martha - All Systems Red

Weir, Andy - The Martian

Weitz, Chris - The Young World

West, Melissa - Collide

West, Priscilla - Wrecked

Whedon, Joss - Serenity: Those Left Behind

Wicks, Becky - Before He Was Gone

Wiking, Meik - The Little Book of Hygge

Wilkinson, Kerry - Reckoning

Wilkinson, Kerry - Renegade

Wilkinson, Kerry - Resurgence

Williams, Craig - All This and More

Williams, Craig - Going Limp Tour 2013

Williams, Craig - Mkingdon's Tales

Willis, Connie - Crosstalk

Wilson/Alphona - Ms Marvel

Winnacker, Susanne - The Other Life

Winter, Kate - The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter (RIP)

WOOL Gathering

WOOL Graphic Novel

Woolley, Justin - A Town Called Dust

Wright, Natalie - H.A.L.F. The Deep Beneath


Yates, Maisey - Avenge Me

Young Lee, Su

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