Book Reviews N - Z


Negovetich, Sarah - Rite of Rejection

Neuvel, Sylvain - Sleeping Giants

Nicks, Louise - Soren: The Angel & The Prize Fighter 

Nix, Garth
The Left Handed Booksellers of London

Nolen, Laura Liddell - The Ark 

North, Alex

Ogawa, Yoko

Oh, Temi

Paolini, Christopher 

Pass, Emma - Acid

Pass, Emma - The Fearless

Pattinson, Rachel - Synthetica

Silent Night

Paver, Michelle - Dark Matter

Payne, Lyla - Not Quite Dead

Pearl, Melissa - Fever 

Pearse, Sarah

Pearson, Luke

Pratchett, Terry

Rankin, Ian

Reynolds, Allie

Sebela, Christopher and Sears, Ben

Simants, Kate

Spring, Neil
The Haunted Shore

Staples and Vaughan - Saga Volume 1

Staples and Vaughan - Saga Volume 2

Staples and Vaughan - Saga Volume 3

Stephens, S C - Thoughtful

Stephens, S C - Untamed

Stevenson, Noelle - Lumberjanes #1

Stevenson, Noelle - Nimona

Stewart, M Stephen - We Are Watching

Stibbe, Nina - Love, Nina

St John Mandel, Emily - Station Eleven

Strayed, Cheryl - Wild

Summers, MJ - Breaking Love

Susann, Jacqueline - Valley of the Dolls

Suzuki, Julia - Gift of Charms

Sykes, Lucy and Piazza, Jo - Techbitch

Synchronic: 13 Tales of Time Travel


Talbot, Kendall - Treasured Secrets

Tanquary, Kathryn - The Night Parade

Tashiro, Tomoko - Fairy Tale

Tayell, Frank - Surviving The Evacuation: Book 1 London

Tayell, Frank - Surviving The Evacuation: Book 2 Wasteland

Taylor, Frank - Surviving The Evacuation: Book 3 Family

Taylor, Jodi - Just One Damned Thing After Another

Taylor, Laini - Lips Touch 

Tchaikovsky, Adrian

Ward, Rachel

Ware, Ruth

White, Kate

Winters, Ben H

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