Book Reviews A - M

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Adams, Carolyn Lee

Ahern, Cecelia
Doctor Who: Bog Warrior

Alderman, Naomi
Zombies, Run

Aldous, Karen
The Riviera

Allison, John
Giant Days Volume 1
Giant Days Volume 2
Giant Days Volume 3
Giant Days Volume 4
Giant Days Volume 5

Andersen, Sarah

Andrews, Nazarea
Gentle Chains
The Future Without Hope
The Horde Without End
Andrews, Nazarea - The World Without A Future

Ann, Peiri

Ansari, Faisal
The Pestilence

Arditi, Astrid
A Cunning Plan

Armentrout, Jennifer L
Don't Look Back
Half Blood

Arnold, Shari
Kate Triumph

Arnopp, Jason
The Last Days of Jack Sparks

Aster, Avery
Yours Truly, Taddy

Atherton, Nancy
Aunt Dimity and the Wishing Well

Aveyard, Victoria
Red Queen


Baldwin, Sam - For Fukui's Sake

Ballagh, Jonathan - The Quantum Door

Banister, Tracie - Blame it on the Fame

Banville, John

Bartel, Sybil - No Apologies

Bartelloni, Amy - Andromeda

Bartelloni, Amy - Orion's Curse

Bartlett, Jamie - The Dark Net

Basford, Johanna - Enchanted Forest

Basford, Johanna - Secret Garden

Bate, Dana - The Stall of Second Chances

Bate, Dana - Too Many Cooks

Baxter, Stephen - Flood

Beckett, Macy - Make You Mine

Bende, S T

Bennett, Robert Jackson - City of Stairs

Berg, JL - Ready for You

Bergin, Virginia - The Rain

Bergin, Virginia - The Storm

Bielman, Robin - Wild about her wingman

Birbeck, Michelle - The Stars are Falling

Black, Holly - Doctor Who: Lights Out

Blankman, Anne - Prisoner of Night & Fog

Blount, Kelly Anne - Grishma

Blume, Bill - The Deadlands and Other Stories

Blyton, Enid - The Famous Five Collection 1

Boffard, Rob - Tracer

Bouchet, Amanda - Promise of Fire

Bowling, Nicholas - Alpha Omega

Boyd, Natasha - Eversea

Brodie, Alison - Brake Failure

Brody, Frances - Death of an Avid Reader

Brody, Frances - A Death in the Dales

Brooks, Terry - The High Druids Blade

Brooks-Dalton, Lily - Good Morning, Midnight

Brosh, Allie - Hyperbole and a Half

Brown, Pierce - Golden Son

Brown, Pierce - Red Rising

Byrd, Rhyannon - Take Me Under

Byrne, Monica - The Girl in the Road


Calvani, Mayra - The Luthier's Apprentice

Cameron, Dana - Seven Kinds of Hell

Campbell, Jen - The Bookshop Book

Cardiff, Lisa - Redeeming You

Carew, Opal
His to Claim #1
His to Claim #2
His to Claim #3
His to Claim #4
His to Claim #5
His to Claim #6

Carey, M.R. - The Girl with all the Gifts

Carney, Megan - Sarina, Sweetheart

Carrisi Donato, The Hunter of the Dark

Carson, Scott

Corlett, Anne - The Space Between The Stars

Costigan, Suzanne - Empty Cup

Courtenay Smith, Natasha - The Million Dollar Blog

Cox, Matthew S - The Summer the World Ended

Cranor, Jeffrey
Welcome to Night Vale

Creswell, Lisa T Cresswell - Vessel

Crews, Caitlin - Scandalize Me

Crilley, Paul - Poison City

Cronin, Justin - The Passage

Cronin, Justin - The Twelve

Cronin, Justin - The City of Mirrors

Cross, Katie - Miss Mabel's School for Girls

Crouch, Blake - Pines

Crouch, Blake - The Last Town

Crouch, Blake - Wayward


Dales, Jenna - Inspire Me

Darrow, Eva - The Awesome

Dashofy, Annette - Bridges Burned

Dashofy, Annette - Lost Legacy

Davidson, Craig
Saturday Night Ghost Club 

Davies, Kaitlyn - Gathering Frost

Davies, WJ - Silo Submerged

Day, Felicia - You're Never Weird on the Internet

Decker, Natalie - Rival Love

Dee, Sunniva - Shattering Halos

Dee, Sunniva - Stargazer

De La Fontaine, Eglantine - My Mystical Wonderland

Dennis, Hugh - Britty Britty Bang Bang

Denzil, Sarah A - You Are Invited

Diaz, Lena - Take The Key and Lock Her Up

Dickenson, Lisa
Catch Me If You Cannes Part 1
Catch Me If You Cannes Part 2
Catch Me If You Cannes Part 3
Catch Me If You Cannes Part 4
Twelve Dates of Christmas
You had me at Merlot

Dickerson, Gina - Mortiswood:Kaelia Awakening

Dickerson, Gina - Mortiswood:Kaelia Falling

Dickerson, Gina - The Pennington Christmas Curse

Dickerson, Gina - Underleaf

Dickinson, Robert - The Tourist

DiPietro, Zen - Seeking Sorrow

Doctor Who: Shakespeare Notebooks

Doh, Jenny - Craft-a-Doodle

Doherty, Nicola - Maggie does Meribel

Doherty, Nicola - Poppy does Paris

Douglas, Penelope - Bully

Douglas, Penelope - Rival

Duffy, Shannon - Awakening

Dukes, Rachel - Frankie Comics

Du Maurier, Daphne - Rebecca

Dushinski, CJ - The Thorn and the Sinking Stone


Ee, Susan - Angelfall

Eggers, Dave - The Circle

Ellis, Jennifer - In The Shadow of The Mosquito Constellation

Engel, Amy - The Book of Ivy

Engel, Amy - The Revolution of Ivy

Erin, Aileen - Cipher

Evers, Shoshanna - The Tycoon's Convenient Wife...and Baby

Exley, AW - Ella the Slayer


Fairleigh and Pogue, Lindsey - After The Ending

Farooki, Roopa - The Good Children

Fey, Tina - Bossypants

Fforde, Jasper - Early Riser

Fine, Sarah - Fractured

Fine, Sarah - Sanctum

Fink, Joseph
Alice Isn’t Dead
Welcome to Night Vale

Fitzgerald, Patrice - Karma of the Silo

Fitzpatrick, Becca - Black Ice

Foer, Joshua, Thuras, Dylan & Morton, Ella - Atlas Obscura

Folan, Karyn - The Doomsday Kids: Amaranth's Return

Folan, Karyn - The Doomsday Kids: Liam's Promise

Folan, Karyn - The Doomsday Kids: Nester's Mistake

Forbes, Kit - Shadows Fall Away

Fowler, Christopher - London's Glory

Fowler, Christopher - The Burning Man

Fowler, Christopher - Strange Tide

Fowler, Christopher - Roofworld

French & Brown, Mike & Karl - An Android Awakes

Frey, James - ENDGAME: The Calling

Friesen, Melinda - Enslavement

Furniss, Jo - The Last to Know


Gaiman, Neil - The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains

Gaitan, Briana - The Last Thing

Gallego, Laura - Omnia

George, Nina - The Little Paris Bookshop

Golden, Christopher - Ararat

Gould-Dowen, Kieran - Real Heroes Cry

Graham, Joanne - To the Edge of Shadows

Granger, Shauna - World of Ash

Gray, Mila - Come Back To Me

Grover Swank, Denise - The Curse Keepers

Green, Dennis W - Traveler

Guha, Tara - Untouchable Things

Gurley, Jason - Eleanor


Hagen, Bethany - Jubilee Manor

Hagen, Bethany - Landry Park

Haig, Francesca - The Fire Sermon

Haight, Dan - Flotilla

Haight, Dan - Iron Mountain

Hardie, Mark- Burned and Broken

Harding, Debora
Dancing with the Octopus

Harris, Charlaine - Day Shift

Harris, Charlaine - Midnight Crossroad

Harstad, Johan - 172 Hours on the Moon

Hart, Christopher - Kawaii Manga for Beginners

Hatch, Ben - The P45 Diaries

Hawkeye, Lauren - Master of the Island

Hayes, Antonia - Relativity

Hayes, Terry - I Am Pilgrim

Heminsley, Alexandra - Running Like a Girl

Hendrix, Grady - Horrorstor

Hernandez, TH - The Ruins

Hernandez, TH - The Union

Hickam, Jessica - The Revealed

Hill, Joe - The Fireman

Hill, Justin - Sword of Destiny

Hillman-Magnuson, Jennifer - Peanut Butter and Naan

Hockley, Julie - Crow's Row

Hockley, Julie - Scare Crow

Holmberg, Charlie N - The Paper Magician

Hopf, G Michael - The End

Hornby, Gill - All Together Now

Hot Down Under Bundle 3

Howard, Catherine Ryan - Mousetrapped

Howey, Hugh - Beacon 23

Howey, Hugh - Dust

Howey, Hugh - Sand

Howey, Hugh - Shift

Howey, Hugh - The Shell Collector

Howey, Hugh - Wool

Hoyle, K B - Breeder

Hurley, Michael - The Vineyard


I Call Myself a Feminist

Isaac, Jane - Before It's Too Late

Ivy, Alyssa Rose - On The Rocks


Jackson, David - The Resident

Jarvik Birch, Kate - Perfected

Johansen, Erika - The Queen of the Tearling

Jones, Lisa Renee - If I were you

Jones, Lisa Renee - My Hunger

Jones, Lisa Renee - No In Between

Jones, Paul Antony - Extinction Point

Jones, Paul Antony - Extinction Point: Exodus

Jones, Paul Antony - Extinction Point: Revelations

Jones, Paul Antony - Extinction Point: Genesis

Jooyoun Kim, Nancy
The Last Story of Mina Lee


Kaling, Mindy - Is Everyone Else Hanging Out Without Me?

Kane, SW - The Bone Jar

Kapetanovich, Nikola - Tatoos À colorier

Kaplan, Zack - Eclipse Volume One

Kaufman, Amie & Kristoff, Jay - Gemina

Kaufman, Amie & Kristoff, Jay - Illuminae

Kemmerer, Brigid - Elemental

Kemmerer, Brigid - Storm

Kendall, Melissa - Matronly Duties

Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Deadmen Walking

Keplinger, Kody - The DUFF

Ketner, Abi & Kalicicki, Missy - Branded

Keyes, Marian - Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married

King, d Nichole - The Body

King, d Nichole - Love Always, Kate

King, d Nichole - The Spirit

Kirk, Shannon - The Method

Kirkman, Robert - The Walking Dead #1

Kirkman, Robert - The Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye Volume 1

Knight, Annalyse - Ready to Love Again

Knope, Leslie - Pawnee

Komi, Naoshi - Nisekoi Volume 1

Kondo, Marie - Spark Joy

Kreitzer, Laura - Love's Paradox

Kuper, Tonya - Anomaly


Laduree Sucre Recipes

Larson, Mindy - No One Gets Out Alive

Larson, Mindy - The beginning of the end

Larson, Mindy - This Morning I Woke Up Dead

Larson, Mindy - Wake Up We're No Longer Dead

Lawson, Jenny - Furiously Happy

Laybourne, Emmy - Monument 14

L'Engle, Madeleine and Larson, Hope - A Wrinkle in Time (Graphic Novel)

Lee, Elizabeth - Where There's Smoke

Lee, M J - City of Shadows

Lee, M J - The Irish Inheritance

Lee, Stan - The Zodiac Legacy: Convergence

Leighton, Kendra - Glimpse

Leo, Cassia - Abandon

Lindsey, Julie Anne - A Geek Girl's Guide to Murder

Lloyd-Jones, Stephen - The String Diaries

Lloyd-Jones, Stephen - Written in the Blood

Logan, Sydney - Soldier On

London, Cecilia - Dissident

London, Ophelia - Making Waves

Louth, Nick - Bite

Lotz, Sarah - The Three

Lotz, Sarah - Day Four

Lotz, Sarah - Pompidou Posse


Maggs, Sam - Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy

Magrs, Paul - Lost on Mars

Maya, JJ - Warpaint

McBride, Georgia - Praefatio

McDonald, Ian - Luna

McFarlane, Mhairi - It's Not Me It's You

McGuire, Jamie - Beautiful Oblivion

McIntosh, Will - Burning Midnight

McKenna, Cara - Hard Time

Medina, Kate
The Watcher

Meier, Beatrice - The Vintage Springtime Club

Mesdemoiselles - Merveilles sous les mers

Meyer, Marissa - Cinder

Michaels, AL - The Last Word

Mieville, China - Three Moments of an Explosion

Miles, Cindy - Stupid Girl

Mills, Mark B - Waiting for Doggo

Mineta, Grace Buchele - Confessions of a Texan in Tokyo

Mineta, Grace Buchele - My Japanese Husband Thinks I'm Crazy Vol 1 & 2

Minkman, Jen - The Island

Moran, Kevin - Lying Beneath

Morden, Simon - Down Station

Morgan, Kass - The 100

Morgan, Kass - The 100:Day 21

Morgan, Sarah - Suddenly Last Summer

Muckley, Michelle - The Dawn Omnibus

Munroe, Randall - What If?

Murata, Sayaka - Earthlings